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Company Formation Services in Rome

Company Formation Services in Rome

With a history of more than two thousand years, Italy’s capital city is one of the most populous, well known and rich cities in Europe. Rome’s history and culture are magnetic to both tourists and foreign investors.

Rome is home to all of the principal institutions of the nation, many international institutions and also major international and political organizations. Its economy is dominated by services, hi-tech companies, research, construction and commercial activities.

Establish a company in Rome

With so many attributes, Rome is the preferred Italian city for foreign investors. If you want to open a company in Italy, our representatives in Rome, specialized in company formation and tax consultancy, can easily provide legal advice in certain aspects of commercial and corporate law.

The first step is deciding what type of company best suits your needs.

There are five types of legal entities that can be set up in Italy:

– limited liability company;

– corporation;

– general partnership;

– limited partnership;

– partnership limited by shares.

Entrepreneurs may also choose to establish a branch or a subsidiary in Rome. Our experts in Rome can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of company, depending on the profile of your business and capital requirements.

Taxes and accounting

An important step in creating your business is calculating the taxes that the company will incur. In Italy there are several taxes for doing business, amongst which: the value added tax (VAT), income taxes for personal and corporate income and contributions for social security. Other types of taxes will also appear during your activity in Italy.

Our company formation agents in Rome can offer you high standard services in financial accounting, fiscal and human resources. Our Italian accountants will deal with financial and tax issues, including monthly and quarterly payment obligations, annual financial statements and various taxes payable to the Italian authorities.

We recommend our payroll services in Italy if you have a company or want to start one. In addition to calculating salaries and delivering them to employees’ accounts, our experts can also take care of the preparation of tax declarations, with information about contributions to the state. We also collaborate and communicate with institutions in the field of labor and tax relations and make sure that any change in legislation is correctly implemented.

Foreign investment

There are many sectors in Italy that offer a great business perspective. One of the best investment opportunities can be found in tourism, real estate and the food industry. The import and export industry is also an appealing option.

Investors willing to develop a business from abroad have many options in Italy and all the best roads for business lead to the “Eternal City”.

The formalities are quite simple for opening a company in Italy, and these can be explained to you by our company formation agents. If you choose to open an SRL, the most optimal business structure available, you will need a minimum share capital of 1 Euro, deposited in a local bank account. You will also need a VAT code to activate as a taxpayer in this country. Once the Certificate of Incorporation is issued, you can start doing business in Italy.

If you want to set up a company in Romecontact our company incorporation agents in Italy.