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Set Up an Online Shop in Italy

Set Up an Online Shop in Italy

From small grocery stores to supermarkets or shops selling specific items, setting up a store in Italy is quite simple. Foreign and local investors who want to open an online shop in this country must follow several steps and comply with the legislation applicable to electronic commerce. Our Italian company formation agents can offer information on the e-commerce legislation.

Steps to create an online store in Italy

The creation of an Italian online shop is easy; however, it implies a few steps more than when opening a traditional store. The following steps must be completed upon the registration of an online business in Italy:

  • • registering a company or as a sole trader;
  • • registering with the local municipality;
  • • registering for tax and VAT purposes;
  • • setting up a website;
  • • registering a domain name for the online shop.

The domain name registration and having the website created are the additional steps to follow when opening an online store in Italy and it will generate additional costs.

Our company registration consultants in Italy can assist with the registration of the company with the Trade Register.

Extra requirements when setting up an online shop in Italy

Compared to a traditional store, opening an online shop also implies a few additional requisites among which the creation of a merchant accountData protection protocols in order to facilitate the clients’ experience, respectively to ensure the protection of personal information is needed.

The import licenses are required for products brought from outside the country, just like in the case of any other businesses selling goods. All products sold by an online shop in Italy must be accompanied by an electronic contract.

Ideas for online business in Italy

If you are preparing to implement an online shop in Italy, then it is clear that you already have a list of possible products and services to sell. But if you haven’t decided yet, here are some suggestions:

  1. Vegan shop – Vegan products have been in high demand lately. The profits recorded year by year are consistent. For an online business in Italy to function from the beginning, it must offer  quality products, certified at the European level.
  2. Clothes store – The profile industry continues to grow from year to year. As many people in Italy prefer online shopping of this kind, you can also consider an online shop in Italy with branded clothing products.
  3. Grocery shop – Even if you need attention to offer fresh products every day, this type of business is a successful one. Once you have concluded contracts with local producers, you can move on to implementing this online business. A courier company is also needed to transport the products to customers.
  4. Furniture store – If you are tempted by this field, you can open an online business in Italy. You can import furniture and sell different categories. You must also implement the privacy and return policy.
  5. Mobile shop – This type of business is profitable. You can address both middle-income and high-income clients, with dedicated products. You can also display accessories for mobile phones.
  6. Home appliances store – If you are dealing with the import of household appliances, then an online shop in Italy would be useful for you. It can be like an extension of the physical store, and the accounting can be done separately.
  7. Natural cosmetics shop – Natural body care products are in high demand. To set up an online store of this kind, you need to make sure that the products on sale are tested and accredited.
  8. Jewelry store – And this type of business can bring consistent profits every year. Whether you offer handmade or imported products, it is essential to have strong marketing to enter the market.
  9. Book shop – Physical and audiobooks are on sale on the internet in a fairly high percentage. You can open an online shop in Italy of this kind and you can even add stationery.
  10. Toy store – Such items are among the best-selling products. Therefore, you can think of such a business, not before making sure of the quality of the products offered. You can also rely on artisanal producers.
  11. Flower shop – The sale of floral decorations is booming, and an online environment is definitely an option for those interested. It takes attention to the products on sale, to be able to offer customers quality first of all.
  12. Baby store – It is estimated that the baby care products market will reach the threshold of USD 88 billion by 2026. Based on this idea, your online shop in Italy can be successful if you focus on products dedicated to babies.

Get in touch with us if you want to open an online shop in Italy

If you want to open an online business in Italy, then we invite you to get in touch with our Italian company formation agents. They can take care of the formalities involved so that you can focus on the necessary investments.

Here are some statistics about the online market in Italy:

  1. It is estimated that more than 19 million Italians prefer online shopping.
  2. Around EUR 31.5 billion represented total online sales in Italy in 2019.
  3. Over 68% of Italians prefer online shopping on the phone.

For full information on the requirements related to starting an online shop in Italy, please contact us. We can also assist foreign investors with the registration of a company in Italy.