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Company Formation Services in Turin

Company Formation Services in Turin

Turin (Torino) is one of the most important business centers in northern Italy and its rich history and culture attract many tourists every year. Business owners also choose to open companies in Turin because the city is an important spot in the automotive industry, being home to the world known Fiat group and other famous companies like Masserati and Alfa Romeo.

Company incorporation in Turin

Our company formation agents in Italy can help you invest in Turin and offer you valuable information about the investment opportunities. The Italian Company Act stipulates that there are several types of companies that can be opened in Italy. Business owners have their own preferences based on the desired size for the future company or the business field in which they want to operate. 

The business start-up costs in Italy will generally include the minimum share capital, which differs from one company type to another, and other taxes and necessary fees for the company incorporation procedure and for registering the company at the Italian Trade Register. Our Italian company fomantion agents can help you incorporate a company even if you can’t travel to Turin, with the help of a power of attorney. Alternatively, we can also offer you the option to establish a virtual office in Turin.

Investing in Turin

The automotive sector and the aerospace sector may be the most developed ones in Turin, but foreign investors can choose to do business in numerous fields. Because Turin is a city that receives a great number of tourists every year, opening a restaurant is a good investment option for entrepreneurs. A travel agency in Turin can be another investment option, as the city has great touristic potential.

Our Italian company formation agents will continue to offer you assistance even after your company is incorporated and has started to become successful. We can help you with company management issues or offer you advice for tax minimization strategies. 

Our payroll services in Italy are at your disposal if you want to benefit from various advantages and a team of experts in the field. Calculating and distributing salaries is one of the most important tasks. But our specialists also deal with the preparation of the necessary documents, among them, tax declarations. We are aware of the legislation in force and can implement all the changes made, where appropriate.

If you want to open a company in Turin or in other important Italian cities like Rome or Milan, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also help you if you need company formation services in other countries, such as Greece, through our local partners.