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Italy – Canada Double Tax Treaty

Italy – Canada Double Tax Treaty

Italy is a participant to a treaty for the prevention of double taxation with many countries all over the world. 

double taxation treaty enables offsetting tax paid in one of two countries against the tax payable in the other, in this way avoiding double taxation.

The Italy – Canada agreement was signed on November 17, 1977 and modified by a protocol on March 20, 1989.

Canadian investors who want to start a business on the Italian market can profit from the provisions described in the agreement for the avoidance of double taxation signed between Italy and Canada.

Our team of Italian company incorporation agents offer suitable information on the main profits developing from the Italy – Canada Double Tax Agreement (DTA), for all interested foreign financiers.

Tax covered by the Italy – Canada DTA

The treaty signed by the two contracting countries is available for profits and capital taxes offered for natural persons and legal entities, which are tax-residents of Italy or Canada.

The existing taxes on which the treaty shall apply are, in particular:

1.  in the case of Canada:

the income taxes enforced by the Government of Canada, (referred to as “Canadian tax”);

2. in the case of Italy:

i. the individual income tax (imposta sul reddito delle persone fisiche);

ii. the local income tax (imposta locale sul redditi),

iii. the corporate income tax (imposta sul reddito delle persone giuridiche); (referred to as “Italian tax”).

The Convention shall apply also to any matching or considerably similar taxes which are enforced after the date of signature of the Convention other than, or in place of, the existing ones. 

The authorities of the Contracting States shall inform each other of changes which have been made in their own taxation regulations.

if you want to open a company in Italy, our suggestion is to collaborate with one of our local agencies. We can provide you with the information you need, as well as support in preparing documents, applying for special licenses and permits, opening a bank account, and registering for paying taxes. only one shareholder is needed and the minimum share capital is 1 EUR to establish an LTD in Italy.

Taxation of the business profits

When opening or registering a company in Italy, the local authorities will apply the income taxes only for the profits gained through the place of business created on the Italian land, if that formation is a long-lasting one. 

As a mutual rule, the profits of a Canadian corporate working in a foreign country will be taxed only in Canada.

You can contact our team of company incorporation specialists in Italy if you want additional information about double tax treaty between Italy and Canada.