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Open a Transporting and Storage Company in Italy

Open a Transporting and Storage Company in Italy

Italy is one of the most important players in the trading industry in Europe and those who operate as freight forwarders for the merchandise imported and exported by local and foreign companies are very important in this industry.

Foreign investors are allowed to open transportation and storage companies in Italy by complying with the national and international regulations which provide the requirements for carrying out such activities.

Below, our company incorporation agents in Italy explain the requisites related to starting a transportation and storage business here.

Registration requirements for an Italian transportation and storage business

Foreign entrepreneurs will be required to comply with the same regulations imposed by the Company Law in Italy. This implies registering one of the structures available under the law, the limited liability company is the most recommended for a transportation and storage business.

Once the company is registered, the business owner will be required to buy the transportation fleet and to ensure the storage facilities for the processed merchandise.

Logistics companies in Italy can complete their activities through the following means of transportation:

  • –          by road, which is the most employed means of transportation;
  • –          by railway;
  • –          by sea;
  • –          by air.

Our Italy company formation consultants can help with the registration of a logistics business.

Legislation for transportation and storage companies in Italy

There are several laws which must be respected by Italian companies operating in the logistics industry. Among these are:

  • –          the Employment Law which provides for the conditions of hiring professional drivers;
  • –          the regulations imposed by the Transport Authority in Italy which provides for the conditions for transporting goods;
  • –          the EU regulations related to the restrictions on the transportation of good on certain days and during specific hours;
  • –          the requirements imposed by the Customs Authorities in Italy related to the documents and licenses which must accompany the transported merchandise.

For full information on the requirements related to opening a transportation and storage company and assistance in registering one, please contact our company registration advisors in Italy.