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Establish a Jewelry Company in Italy

Establish a Jewelry Company in Italy

Italians are some of the most elegant persons in Europe and elegance is shown in their clothes, but also in the jewels worn. The city of Milan is known as a trendsetter in matters of the fashion industry which is completed by the jewelry industry. The Italian jewelry industry relies on the production of gold-made jewels.

The global jewelry market is following an upward trend and so is the Italian jewelry market which relies mostly on luxury items. Foreign investors who want to open jewelry businesses in Italy can follow this tendency of creating pieces from precious stones or can bet in the handmade jewelry sector which is becoming quite popular. Our company formation consultants in Italy can assist with the registration of the jewelry business.

Registering a jewelry company in Italy

The best part of starting a jewelry company in Italy is that one can choose the size of the business based on the budget. From this point of view, one can choose a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company. Following that, the company incorporation procedure must be completed. Our company registration agents in Italy can handle the paperwork and the filing and tax registration requirements.

What types of businesses can one set up in the Italian jewelry industry?

From online to traditional companies, the Italian jewelry market welcomes any large investor or small enterpriser interested in developing a business in this country. When opening an online jewelry shop, one must also take into account the creation of a website. There are also investors who can open pawn shops in Italy, case in which other special licenses are required.

Following that, certain licenses could be required depending on the provenience of the gems, stones or other materials used to create the jewels. Among these licenses is the import license. Also, if the jewelry shop will export its products, the owner must take into account that special requirements apply in this case. Export licenses are also needed. These depend on the country the jewels will be sent.

If you want to start a business in the jewelry sector in this country, do not hesitate to contact our local agents for assistance with the Italian company formation procedure.