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Open Hedge Funds in Italy

Open Hedge Funds in Italy

Opening investment funds in Italy is subject to several laws and regulations and must be approved by the National Bank and the Italian Financial Supervisory Authority which is the Securities and Exchange Commission (CONSOB). A large portion of the investment funds set up in Italy are hedge funds. These types of funds are also known as reserved alternative investment funds which can be established by professional investors and retail investors. The main advantage of Italian hedge funds is that they can employ various investment strategies.

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Requirements to open a hedge fund in Italy

Considering hedge funds are mainly dedicated to professional investors, the minimum amount accepted for the establishment of such funds is 500,000 euros. When it comes to retail investors seeking to set up this kind of funds, other special regulations apply. Also, the maximum number of shareholders in an Italian hedge fund is limited at 200. As for the type of structure to be accepted by the regulatory authorities, the limited partnership is the most employed. The hedge fund is also subject to various disclosure requirements. It should also be noted that opening a hedge fund in Italy takes about 6 months.

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How to market hedge funds in Italy

Italian hedge funds can be marketed under the AIF and AIFM (Alternative Investment Funds and Alternative Investment Funds Manager) directives. Both local and foreign hedge funds can be marketed to professional investors in Italy. The Italian legislation acknowledges professional investors by law and on request. Retail investors are also allowed to invest in Italian hedge funds provided that they are employees or directors of the fund.

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