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Set Up a Company in the Construction Sector in Italy

Set Up a Company in the Construction Sector in Italy

Rome, Milan, Naples are just three of the major cities where foreign investors open companies in Italy. The increasing demand for office, but residential space as well, has transformed the real estate industry into one of the most prolific economic sectors in Italy. However, the real estate sector could have not developed without a well-regulated construction sector, so foreign enterprisers seeking to open a company in Italy should take a look at the construction industry before the real estate one.

Setting up a construction company in Italy can bring substantial incomes to their owners, considering most of them can contract jobs outside the country. Our company incorporation agents in Italy can offer more information on why start a construction business here.

Registering a construction company in Italy

The registration of a company in the construction industry in Italy begins at the local Trade Register where the business’ memorandum and articles of association must be filed in order to obtain the certificate of registration. Investors can choose to register private or public limited liability companies or even partnerships in order to carry out construction projects in Italy.

Once the company is registered with the Trade Register and the tax authorities, it can apply for the necessary licenses and start operating. Our Italian company formation consultants can assist with the preparation of the incorporation documents.

Obtaining licenses in the construction sector in Italy

The first license to be obtained when establishing a company in the construction sector in Italy is the building permit which is applied for with the local Municipal Agency. However, other special permit could be required based on the area of the construction site. Among these licenses are:

  • –          the demolition permit, which enables the company to bring down any previous building;
  • –          the felling permit, which enables the company to cut trees on green areas;
  • –          a planning permit, if the construction will affect the infrastructure.

Apart from these, the commencement of the construction is also subject to certain licenses. These are:

  • –          the building permit;
  • –          the commencement of work permit;
  • –          the notice of commencement of work which must be certified by a public notary;
  • –          the declaration of commencement of work.

These permits are required each time a project is contracted by the Italian construction company.

For full information on the necessary steps to register a company in the construction industry, please feel free to contact our company registration agents in Italy.