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Open a Truck Company in Italy

Open a Truck Company in Italy

Italy has a very good transportation system which is made up of roads, railways, waterways and also airways. Also, Italy is one of the most important players on the import and export market in the European Union, which is why it has adhered to the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets, shortly known as the TIR Convention under which truck companies benefit from standard transportation regulations. This one of the main reasons it is quite easy to set up a truck company in Italy.

Our company incorporation agents in Italy can offer more information on the legislation related to freight transport in this country.

Registering a truck company in Italy

The first step to open a truck company in Italy is to register the company with the Companies Registrar. This procedure will consist in preparing the incorporation documents which must contain the objects of activity of the business, filing them with the Trade Register. The type of structure used will usually depend on the size of the company, however it should be noted that a private limited liability company needs a share capital of at least 10,000 euros, while a public company will require a minimum share capital of 120,000 euros.

Opening a truck company also implies hiring specialized personnel, specifically divers who hold a TIR permit.

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Licenses and permits for truck companies in Italy

Once the Italian truck company is operational and has acquired its car fleet, it must register all the trucks with the Transport Regulation Authority. Truck companies in Italy may obtain one of the following permits:

  • –          a long-term permit which is further divided into category A and category B permit;
  • –          a special-dimensions permit.

These permits are issued based on the number of transports the company will make and on the size and load capacity of the vehicles.

Italian truck companies must also register with the Customs Authorities and apply for the necessary import/export permits if they carry out freight activities outside the country. Special licenses must also be obtained if certain categories of products are transported.

For full information on the licenses and permits to set up a truck company, please contact us. Our company formation consultants in Italy will also guide you through the registration procedure.