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Open a Consulting Company in Italy

Open a Consulting Company in Italy

Italy is one of the most important engines of the European economy. It welcomes foreign investors from all countries in the world and offers very advantageous conditions for those who want to do business here. One of the best ways to start a business in Italy is by opening a consulting company.

The consulting sector in Italy is quite developed thanks to a large number of professionals in different fields of activity. Our company formation agents in Italy can help foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish consulting businesses.

The most popular types of consulting services in Italy

Foreigners with a career in a specific domain can successfully activate in Italy by opening a company or as sole proprietors. Among the most popular types of consulting services which can be offered on the Italian market are:

  • –          business consulting services for those interested in opening companies in this country;
  • –          cryptocurrency consulting services represent one of the latest developments in the consulting industry;
  • –          financial consulting services for those interested in investing in various financial tools;
  • –          interior design consulting services, interior designers are very sought in Italy;
  • –          GDPR consulting services – with the new GDPR regulations a great number of companies are in search of GDPR officers.

The list of consulting services one can offer in this country is quite extensive and with the help of our company registration advisors in Italy, one can set up such a business.

Registering a consulting company in Italy

Opening a consulting business in Italy does not imply any special requirements. As mentioned above, the business can be set up as a limited liability company or as a sole proprietorship which are quite easy to register with the Italian Companies Registrar.

With respect to the licenses required for opening an Italian consulting company, the requirements are not very stringent, however, the experience is very important for attracting clients. Also, creating a portfolio and having a website for promoting the business are essential.

If you are interested in starting a consulting company in Italy and need guidance, please feel free to contact our local company incorporation representatives.