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Open a Joint Stock Company in Italy

Open a Joint Stock Company in Italy

The Italian Commercial Code provides for several types of structures for opening a company here. Among the most employed ones are the limited liability company and the joint stock company. While the former is more appropriate for smaller businesses, the joint stock company is the preferred options of large investors and companies.

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Requirements to open a joint stock company in Italy

The Italian joint stock company (Società per Azioni), usually referred to as SpA is also known as public limited liability company because it is allowed to trade its shares on the capital market. In order to set up a joint stock company in Italy there are several requirements to be met. First of all, the company will need at least one shareholder whose nationality must not be necessarily Italian. However, there are a few restrictions when it comes to foreign investments in certain industries. Our Italian company formation consultants can offer more information related to the foreign investments legislation.

The other requirements to be fulfilled when registering a SpA in Italy are:

  • –          at least one director;
  • –          a minimum share capital of 120,000 euros, with 30,000 euros to be deposited upon the incorporation of the company;
  • –          the company must appoint a board of auditors.

Considering a joint stock company in Italy may trade on the capital markets, it may issue various types of shares.

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Registering an Italian joint stock company

The most important documents related to the opening of a public company in Italy are the Memorandum and Articles of Association. These must clearly state the type of company and the rights and obligations of the shareholders. Together with the identification papers of the shareholders and directors, the incorporation documents will be filed with the Companies Registrar.

VAT registration in Italy also needs to take place, as per the types of goods and services that teh company will be providing.

Joint stock companies in Italy may also be used as investment vehicles and in this case, the minimum share capital of the fund will be 1 million euros.

For assistance in opening a joint stock company in Italy, please feel free to contact our company registration representatives. We can also assist with the registration of other types of companies in Italy.