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Set Up a Sole Proprietorship in Italy

Set-up-a-sole-proprietoship-in-ItalyForeign enterprisers moving to Italy and deciding to start a small business are supported by the local authorities to establish several structures which imply a simple and cheap registration procedure which is completed within a short period of time. These structures are the sole proprietorship or trader and the partnerships which can be general or limited. If it takes at least to individuals to set up a partnership, an entrepreneur can set up an Italian sole proprietorship on his or her own.

Our Italian company formation consultants can offer information about all the types of companies which can be registered in this country.

Requirements to open a sole trader in Italy

Compared to the limited liability company, which is the most popular business form employed by foreign investors coming to Italy, the sole proprietorship has the advantage of less requirements for registration. In fact, there is no share capital obligation to set up a sole trading company in Italy. The only requirement to respect is the trade name which can be made up any element chosen by the owner completed by his or her own name at the end. As a tip, a sole proprietor also has the possibility to register the trade name with the Intellectual Property Office in Italy in order to protect it.

Our company registration agents in Italy can explain how to correctly choose and reserve a company name.

Registering a sole proprietorship in Italy

Just like any other type of company, the Italian sole proprietorship must be registered with the Trade Register before starting its activities. In order to do that, the owner must fill in an application form and provide a valid email address. No notarized documents are required when establishing a sole proprietorship in Italy, which is what makes the registration process cheap.

The Companies Register will issue a certificate of registration based on which the sole trader will register for taxation and VAT purposes. Also, in order to open a sole proprietorship in Italy, a foreign entrepreneur will need a residence permit.

Our company incorporation representatives in Italy can offer more information on the advantages of sole trading companies. You can contact us for assistance in opening any type of company in Italy.