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Establish a Catering Company in Italy

Establish a Catering Company in Italy

Italian food and drinks are known everywhere in the world and many tourists come here to taste the famous pasta and pizza or to drink wine from some of the greatest vineyards in the world. Not only tourists can profit from the food and beverages industry, as foreign and local enterprisers can also try their luck and start businesses in this profitable Italian sector.

During the last several years a new type of business in the food and beverages industry appeared as a consequence of daily activities which occupy most of the time of the population: the catering sector.

Foreign investors who want to set up catering companies in Italy must comply with the same requirements as those who open restaurants here. Our Italian company formation consultants can offer information on the laws applicable in the food industry.

Registering a catering business in Italy

The registration procedure of the catering company is the same as for a restaurant in Italy. The investor must first set up a business form, register it with the tax, social security and employment authorities in the country and then apply for the food license with the health department and the veterinary authority in the city where the catering company will operate.

Special attention must be paid to the Food Code which must be respected by the all Italian businesses handling and preparing food. These imply following strict hygiene rules and hiring specialized personnel.

Our company incorporation agents in Italy can assist with the registration of the catering company.

Why open a catering company in Italy?

The high request of home delivery services is not the only reason for which foreign investors establish catering companies in Italy. Most of them also cater to special events and prepare and deliver homemade food and beverages which are very sought.

It should be noted that owners of catering businesses can obtain certifications for the products they prepare, such as the IGP – Indication of Geographical Protection and the DOP – Protected Designation of Origin, which guarantee a higher quality of the products.

If you want to open a catering company and need assistance, please feel free to contact our company formation advisors in Italy.