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Set Up a Crowdfunding Company in Italy

Set Up a Crowdfunding Company in Italy

Internet technology has evolved a lot during the last several years in Italy as investors started using it in their daily business activities. From fintech companies to cryptocurrency businessesopening a company in Italy in the financial field is something quite common here. However, starting an innovative business implies more money than setting up a “traditional” business, such as a shop. This is how crowdfunding appeared.

Crowdfunding implies raising money from investors through different channels. In Italycrowdfunding usually implies an online platform through which the money is gathered. Foreign entrepreneurs who want to open crowdfunding businesses in this country can be assisted by our Italian company formation consultants.

Legislation related to crowd funding in Italy

In order to increase confidence among investors and companies raising funds through crowdfunding, the government has created the Legislative Decree no. 179 of 2012 which regulates equity crowdfunding. This was the first law issued in an EU country which covered crowdfunding and was amended in 2017.

Equity crowdfunding in Italy means raising money through one of the following methods:

  • –          investment crowdfunding;
  • –          reward crowdfunding;
  • –          donation crowdfunding.

Our company incorporation agents in Italy can offer information on the legislation related to crowdfunding.

Requirements to register a crowd funding company in Italy

According to the law, setting up a crowdfunding company implies registering a company with the Italian Companies Registrar followed by the creation of an online platform through which the capital is raised and managed. The portal must be registered with the special registry created by the Italian Financial Supervisory Authority (CONSOB) for monitoring crowdfunding companies.

The Italian crowd fundingbusiness must also apply for an authorization with CONSOB in order to start operating. It should be noted that with the amendment of the crowdfunding regulations, the opening of a crowdfunding company in Italy has been simplified. The new legislation also provides for two types of investors:

  • –          professional investors;
  • –          investors supporting innovation.

For information on the new crowdfunding rules and assistance with the company registration process, please contact our advisors in Italy.