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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Italy

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Italy

Investors who open an advertising and marketing company in Italy enter a dynamic and evolving business field, one in which digital advertising is increasingly more important. Creativity remains an important trait in this business field, amplified by the country’s cultural and historic heritage. The market is shared both by international agencies and new, smaller agencies, who are run by young and creative entrepreneurs. 

Our team of agents who specialize in company formation in Italy can help investors start a marketing and advertising business. We can help advise investors on the suitable business form as well as provide personalized services for assisted incorporation through a power of attorney.

Types of services offered by advertising and marketing companies

Advertising and marketing companies in Italy can offer their services to a wide range of clients. Their goal is to attract and retain the loyalty of the target audience and at the same time increase the company’s profits. Brand awareness and loyalty are achieved through a number of strategies that can differ according to the client company’s business field (be it financial, pharmaceutical, food production, fashion, and jewelry, etc.).

Companies that provide complete advertising and marketing services will develop a strategy that will suit the needs of the clients that can include both traditional marketing methods and digital marketing, or simply one of the two, as needed.

Some examples of services offered by a company in this business sector include:

  • – marketing: direct and digital marketing; can also include promotional activities and, for companies that also provide these types of services, PR counseling.
  • – web design: services for the management of an existing website or the creation of a new one, can also include web marketing such as Google Ads campaigns and SEO.
  • – graphic design: a company’s image can be perfected through brand planning that also has a coherent graphic.
  • – social media: creating and managing social media accounts for businesses, as needed and according to the social media strategy.

When developing the key marketing strategy, companies will focus on the industry trends as well as the client’s targets. Separate social media advertising as well as segmenting the advertising types according to the device (mobile, tablet or PC) is a common practice. 

If you want the services of a team of accountants in Italy, we recommend that you contact our company and discover the offers in this regard. Audits, payroll, bookkeeping, preparation and filing of annual financial statements, and HR management are necessary for the smooth running of a company. We can also offer tax minimization options that suit better for the company you own. So, contact us today to benefit from a free case evaluation and our offers.

Company formation for a marketing and advertising business

When they decide to open a company in Italy, entrepreneurs can choose between two main types of business entities: the limited liability company (S.r.l.) and the joint stock company (S.p.A.). The main differences lie in the share capital requirements (lower for the S.r.l.), the ability to publicly sell shares and the corporate governance principles. The S.r.l. is usually the preferred business form as it has minimal capital requirements and offers limited liability to its shareholders. It can, therefore, be a suitable choice for investors looking to open an advertising and marketing company in Italy.

Foreign marketing agencies can expand to the Italian market by opening a branch. This is not a separate legal entity like a limited liability company would, but rather an extension of a foreign company and the business abroad will be the one liable for its actions in Italy. The branch incorporation will require fewer steps, namely: drafting the Shareholder’s Meeting decision to open an Italian branch (which will also include the appointment of a legal representative and will state his rights), drafting the deed of incorporation in front of a notary and submitting the incorporation deed to the Chamber of Commerce. The Revenue Agency also needs to be notified upon the branch’s business commencement. 

One of our agents who specialize in company formation in Italy can give you more details when selecting a suitable type of company for a business in the marketing sector.

Assistance for company formation in Italy

Our team of agents who specialize in company registration in Italy can help you start by choosing the appropriate type of company, followed by verifying the availability of the business name and drawing up the Articles of Association. Our team can also assist foreign investors during the necessary submissions to the Business Register.

Company formation in Italy is a multi-step process, with the same principles applying to investors who wish to start a marketing and advertising business. Contact us for more detailed information about company registration and entering selected business sectors.