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Establish an E-commerce Business in Italy

Establish an E-commerce Business in Italy

Local and foreign investors who open companies in Italy are orienting their efforts to the online environment. The lower setup and maintenance costs, the simple procedures related to creating websites which integrate various services, ease the whole process of establishing e-commerce businesses instead of traditional ones.

If you are interested in setting up an online store, you will have to comply with a few regulations imposed by the Italian authorities. Our company formation agents in Italy can explain the legislation related to e-commerce.

Registering company for an e-commerce business in Italy

Even if the activity of the company will be carried in the online environment, businessmen should be aware that they must have a legal entity through which the business must exist and operate. The most common types of structures used by local enterprisers to set up e-commerce companies are the sole trader and the limited liability company.

Our company registration advisors in Italy can help foreign entrepreneurs with the incorporation of both types of structures.

Setting up a website for an e-commerce company in Italy

The next step in having a fully operational e-commerce business is to have a website created. This can be done by the entrepreneur or by hiring a web design company. In case the last option is chosen, the business owner must make sure the contract with the web design company respects the regulations imposed by the Digital Italy Agency.

Features of e-commerce websites in Italy

Starting an e-commerce company in Italy is not as simple as setting up a website and launching it on the Internet. E-commerce businesses must comply with several laws, among which the Civil Code with respect to contracts, the Data Protection Law and the Digital Administration Code.

Also, a set of safety features must be integrated in the website. Among these a merchant account through which online payments are processed. Also, all relevant information on the company administering the website must be visibly displayed.

For full information on the requirements related to starting an e-commerce business and assistance with the registration of the company for running the business, please contact our Italian company formation representatives.