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Start a HORECA Company in Italy

Start a HORECA Company in Italy

Foreign investors who want to take advantage of Italy’s tourism sector by opening companies in some of the most renowned resorts can establish HORECA companiesHORECA means starting a business which incorporates the services of a hotel, restaurant, and café.

Below, our company formation agents in Italy explain the requirements related to opening a HORECA business in this country.

Company incorporation for a HORECA business in Italy

HORECA companies are usually set up as medium to large-sized enterprises, therefore the limited liability company is one of the most suitable business forms for such a company in Italy. Our local advisors can guide you through:

  • –          the preparation of the documents needed to be filed with the Italian Trade Registrar;
  • –          complying with the regulations related to hiring specialized personnel in the HORECA industry;
  • –          complying with the hygiene and safety regulations imposed by the Italian authorities;
  • –          registering with the authorities for various purposes, such as employment and taxation.

We can also advise on the legislation related to starting a HORECA company in Italy.

Special requirements for Italian HORECA companies

As mentioned above, an Italian HORECA business is required to hire specialized personnel. This implies for the employees of the hotel, restaurant and/or café to have undergone specific training and to have obtained the qualifications of handling foodstuff. In the case of hotels, these must also undergo classification based on the services and facilities offered.

Our company registration representatives in Italy can offer more information on these requirements.

Promoting a HORECA company in Italy

One of the most important aspects related to starting a HORECA business in Italy is the promotion of the company. These can set up their own websites and social media channels for this purpose.

Another aspect to consider is the new GDPR regulations. As an EU member state, Italy is required to comply with these regulations and all companies, including those in the HORECA sector, which process personal information must put in place special protocols which respect the new law.

For assistance in opening a HORECA company, please contact our Italian company formation advisors.