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 Set Up a Hotel in Italy

 Set Up a Hotel in Italy

Italy is known as one of the most sought touristic destinations in the world which also places it among the best countries to start a business in the hospitality industry. Be it a travel agency, a restaurant or a hotel, there are plenty of Italian cities where a hospitality business will thrive.

The last report on the hotel industry in Italy was released last year and indicates that in 2015 the number of local enterprisers setting up hotels in Italy has increased. Large hotel chains all over the world have also increased their presence on the Italian hotel market.

If you want to start a hotel business in this country, our company incorporation consultants in Italy can explain the legislation related to the hospitality industry.

How to start a hotel business in Italy

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Italy and offer their services in the hospitality sector have several choices. Those who want to operate their companies as hotels can either register a new company and obtain all the necessary licenses and permits or can acquire an existing hotel and modernize it. The latter option has become quite popular among foreign investors interested in opening hotels in Italy.

Our Italian company formation advisors can assist with the registration of the company with the Trade Register.

Licenses for opening an Italian hotel

Those who want to open new hotels in Italy must take into account several additional requirements than those buying an accommodation business. First of all, they will need a construction license for building the premises of the Italian hotel. Following that, hotel owners must comply with the following requirements:

  • –          the Labor Law which provides for special working hours for the employees of hotels;
  • –          anti-smoking requirements which says hotels are smoke-free places;
  • –          waste management requirements;
  • –          Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations for hotels offering restaurant and bar services.

Also, based on the services they offer, all Italian hotels must undergo classification.

Our company registration agents in Italy can offer more information on the regulations imposed to hotels, so please contact us. We can also assist with the company formation process in Italy.