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Establish a Company in the Aviation Sector in Italy

Establish a Company in the Aviation Sector in Italy

Milan, Turin and Rome are among the most visited cities in Italy and some of the main drivers of the tourism industry. However, this sector is backed by other industries among which the Italian aviation industry. Moreover, the aviation sector contributes significantly to the following industries in Italy:

  • –          the transportation industry;
  • –          the trading industry;
  • –          the manufacturing industry.

Together with the road transportation system, the aviation sector offers one of the most complex and modern infrastructures in Europe. If you are interested in setting up a company in the aviation industry, our Italian company formation consultants can advise you.

The Italian Aviation Law

Section II in the Navigation Code covers the main aspects related to the aviation industry in Italy, therefore opening a company in this sector implies respecting these provisions. Also, as an EU member state, Italian companies must comply with all the aviation regulations imposed by the EU legislation.

Opening a company in the aviation sector in Italy also implies respecting the Commercial Code and choosing a business structure which will be first registered with the Trade Register followed by obtaining the necessary licenses to operate. Considering Italian aviation companies must purchase aircrafts, they must register these with the Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).

Our company incorporation agents in Italy can assist with the company registration process.

Applying for an operating license in the aviation sector in Italy

All Italian companies in the aviation sector must apply for a special permit, called operating license, with ENAC. In order to obtain it, the following documents must be filed with ENAC:

  • –          the company’s certificate of incorporation;
  • –          a declaration that the company is not insolvent or bankrupt;
  • –          notarized copies after the company’s articles of association and by-laws;
  • –          an extract from the Registry of Shareholders;
  • –          information about the representative of the company and its Board of Directors.

These documents must be accompanied by a 3-year business plan. Certificates of airworthiness are also required for each aircraft registered by the company.

For full information on the requirements to operate a company in the aviation sector, please feel free to contact our company registration representatives in Italy.