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Set up a Business for Rental and Leasing Activities in Italy

Set up a Business for Rental and Leasing Activities in Italy

The real estate sector in Italy is a developed one with a significant amount of investments in the commercial and the residential categories. Companies that offer rental and leasing services in Italian cities can address both corporate and individual clients interested in finding suitable premises. Rental services can be offered in two distinct categories, for the client who is searching for a property and for the owner who is looking to lease the property.

In order to set up a business for rental and leasing activities in Italy, investors will need to draw up a business plan and then proceed to the process of company registration in Italy

Types of rental and leasing services in Italy

business for rental and leasing activities in Italy will aid the clients in finding a property based on their needs and criteria and will assist them during the steps of the renting process. The clients can be individuals interested in moving to Italy or Italian residents looking for residential real estate or they can be corporations looking for suitable office premises in Italian cities. Most Italian real estate companies offer services for both of these categories of clients as a means of diversifying their portfolio.

Real estate companies in Italy can offer the following services:

  • – rental services for individuals: tailored services for individuals looking to find a house or an apartment; includes assistance and advice as well as representation during the rental process when needed.
  • – rental services for companies: assistance for corporate rentals in office buildings in main Italian cities like Milan.
  • – services for owners: assistance for owners who wish to offer their property for lease; services related to preparing the property and putting it up for rent; can include managing the relationship with the tenant.
  • – lease advisory: for those individuals who have made certain real estate investments in Italy and are in need of advice or rent reviews; can include assistance for preparing the rental contract and general advice on leasing commercial property. 

The business for rental and leasing activities in Italy can be a successful one when it provides suitable services to both the landlord and the tenant. Maintaining a good relationship with both of the parties is essential for maintaining a client base formed both of individuals who wish to rent property and those who have a property they wish to put up for lease. The services for the tenants can be complete ones, meaning that the team will assist them from the first viewing of the property and up to the end of the tenancy. Likewise, the services for landlords guarantee that the property owner can rest assured that his property is being managed for lease by a team of professionals.

This type of business will generally operate without the need to obtain a special permit or license. However, our agents who specialize in company formation in Italy can give you more information about licenses for companies. 

Opening a business for rental and leasing activities in Italy

When deciding to enter the real estate sector, investors who open a company that offers rental and leasing services need to incorporate an Italian legal entity. The limited liability and the joint stock company are the two main types of corporations that can be established in Italy and they can also be used for this type of business.

The guide below presents the main steps for opening a limited liability company:

  • – choose an available company name;
  • – draw up the Articles of Association and the Memorandum;
  • – prepare the company documents: the constitutive documents together with the identification cards of the company directors, their signature specimens and statements, as needed.
  • – open a bank account where the share capital will be deposited (for the limited liability company it is at least 1 euro).
  • – apply for registration: submit the application form and the company documents together with the proof of capital payment to the  Italian Business Register – Registro Imprese. 
  • – set up the headquarters and hire employees: a company offering rental and leasing service should have an office as well as website including their portfolio of residential and commercial properties available for lease.

rental and leasing company will be subject to the corporate income tax on the company’s worldwide income as well as the value-added tax and other local taxes, as applicable. One of our agents who specialize in company registration in Italy can give you more information on taxation and the accounting principles.

Our team of accountants in Italy will be at your disposal with specialized services for the company you own. Thus, you can ask for payroll services, audits, bookkeeping, preparation and filing of annual financial statements, HR management, and more. Retirement plans, tax credit planning, or selling investments without value can be optimal options for those interested in tax minimization methods. Contact us to learn more about the services offered.

Investors who wish to open a company in Italy can contact our team. We provide complete incorporation services for local and foreign investors.