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Establish a Fintech Company in Italy

Establish a Fintech Company in Italy

The Italian financial industry has opened the way for the financial technology sector which is now flourishing. At the moment, each sub-sector of the financial industry is doubled by a fintech company, the number of these types of businesses reaching close to 150 at the middle of 2017.

Even if there is specific legislation governing the Italian financial technology industry, the Banking Law covers most of the activities carried out by these companies. Our company formation consultants in Italy can offer information on the laws applying to financial institutions.

The most developed types of fintech activities undertaken in Italy

Investors who want to create fintech businesses in Italy should know that the best performing companies in this field are crowd funding entities and companies providing innovative payment solutions. However, insurance companies and banking institutions are also starting to enhance their services by coming up with innovations in the solutions they offer to their clients.

Those interested in establishing a company in the financial technology industry in Italy will also be interested in knowing that the government supports research and development (R&D), which include fintech activities. Among these are the Patent Box Regime, the innovative SMEs and start-ups program and the R&D tax credit.

Our company registration advisors in Italy can assist with the incorporation of the fintech company.

Requirements to register a fintech business in Italy

The requisites for creating an Italian fintech company depend on the main activities to be carried out by the company. For example, financial institutions must comply with certain share capital requirements and authorizations from the National Bank. IT companies which specialize in creating software related to the financial sector, on the other hand, are subject to less stringent conditions.

No matter the main activities of the Italian fintech company, the assistance programs mentioned above apply equally.

Our company incorporation agents in Italy can explain the legal requirements related to the registration of the fintech company. We can also assist with the preparation of the documents when opening the company, so do not hesitate to contact us.