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Create an IT Company in Italy

Create an IT Company in Italy

Foreign entrepreneurs interested in opening a company in Italy have various well-developed sectors they can invest in. One of these industries is telecommunications, with a focus on Internet and technology (IT) as Italy follows the global trends when it comes to using the latest technology in most of its activities.

Investors who want to start IT businesses in Italy must comply with a few laws imposed by the government, among which are:

  • –          the Electronic Communications Law enabled in 2003;
  • –          the Data Protection Law;
  • –          the Competition Act;
  • –          the Commercial Code.

Our Italian company formation consultants can offer detailed information on the legal framework related to opening an IT company.

Company registration in the IT industry in Italy

One of the best parts of creating an IT company in Italy is that there are no special requirements for foreign investors, meaning they must only register a company in this country in order to be allowed to obtain electronic communications licenses. Companies established in countries in the European Union, European Economic Area and outside these two zones are also welcomed to offer their services in Italy.

Those interested in starting an Italian IT business must follow the procedures comprised in the Commercial Code in order to register the company. Our company incorporation agents in Italy can help you with the formation procedure of the IT company.

The electronic communications network license in Italy

There are various types of licenses an Italian IT company must obtain depending on the services it will offer. Before applying for any of those, it must apply for an electronic communications network permit with the Italian Communications Authority (Agcom). In order to obtain a communications license, an IT company in Italy must offer the following information:

  • –          the registered address of the company;
  • –          the name of the representative of the company;
  • –          the services it will offer;
  • –          information about the customers;
  • –          information on the company’s website;
  • –          information about the number of employees.

The information is requested because Italian IT companies will be subject to annual administration fee which depends on the types of services it will offer.

For full information on the requirements to open an IT company, please contact our company registration advisors in Italy.