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Open a Company for Real Estate Activities in Italy

Open a Company for Real Estate Activities in Italy

Property specialists in Italy offer services that include property rent and purchase to property valuations or real estate management. Investors who open a company for real estate activities will compose a comprehensive portfolio of properties, according to region and characteristic and will tailor their services to the client’s needs. 

Real estate services can be offered both to individual clients and to corporations and a real estate agency can include several types of properties in its portfolio, form residential buildings, to villas, office buildings, storage and warehouse and also vineyards. 

Investments in real estate in Italy target both the commercial and the residential areas but also the luxury real estate options. The country’s history and charm are key elements for its attractiveness towards foreign real estate buyers and one of the main reasons why the country remains an option for those who wish to purchase foreign real estate.

Investors who open a company for real estate activities can request the specialized incorporation services provided by our Italy company formation agents.

Real estate companies in Italy

Real estate companies in Italy can target the needs of a broad range of customers. While some real estate agents will only offer properties to individuals, many real estate agencies will tailor their property finding services to suit both the needs of corporate and individual buyers.

Some examples of the services provided by a real estate company or agent in Italy include:

  • – Property purchase: the core type of service offered by this type of company in Italy it involves a tailored property search according to the investor’s or buyer’s criteria; additional services may include cadastral registration assistance.
  • – Luxury property purchase: this is often a separate service that targets the needs and criteria of buyers looking for luxury villas and properties in Italy; can include specialized and premium packages.
  • – Property management: landlords who wish to delegate the management of their property or properties can use the services offered by a real estate company; they will be the ones to maintain the relationship with the tenant. 
  • – Property valuation: a comprehensive analysis of the tris market value of a property before purchase; real estate appraisal services can be offered as part of larger packages.

Company formation in Italy

Investors who open a real estate company in Italy will generally choose between two main business entity types: the joint stock company (SpA) and the limited liability company (SrL). Foreign companies that want to expand to the Italian market end enter the real estate business can also open a branch.

Some of the key aspects to take into consideration when choosing a business type in Italy are highlighted below:

  • > usage: The joint stock company is used by large corporations and those that are listed on the stock exchange. The limited liability company (LLC) cannot be listed on the stock exchange; however, it is more suitable for those small and medium businesses in real estate. The branch is simply an extension of the foreign company.
  • > liability: The shareholders of the joint-stock have limited liability, according to the amount invested in the company. As the name suggests, for the LLC, the liability of the shareholders is also limited to their contribution to the company capital. The foreign company abroad is fully liable for the branch’s debts and obligations.
  • > incorporation: The joint stock requires a large initial share capital and it is considered the most complex business structure. The LLC has a low minimum share capital and can be easily incorporated. The incorporation is simpler for the branch and the foreign company will need to present its registration documents.
  • > taxation: The joint stock and the limited liability company are taxed at the 27.5% corporate income tax rate. A branch exemption regime is available in Italy allowing for taxation in the foreign company’s country of origin.

Apart from these three highlighted business forms, entrepreneurs can also open a sole trader, which has the highest degree of liability but can be used by real estate agents who work on their own, and the partnership, where depending on the form, at least one owner will have unlimited liability.

Choosing the business form when opening a real estate company in Italy is an important step and one of our Italy company formation agents can help you with additional information and advice on each business form as well as the overall process.

Contact us for complete services related to company formation in Italy. We can help you open a company in the real estate sector as well as in any other business field.