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Open a Shop in Italy

Open a Shop in Italy

Italy is slowly becoming one of the most sought countries by young entrepreneurs, without mentioning the foreign students who have come for studies and never left the country. For many of them having their own small business is an achievable goal, as they set up shops in Italy.

The establishment of a shop in Italy does not require a lengthy company registration procedure, however certain licenses must be obtained, depending on the goods to be sold. Our company formation agents in Italy can assist with the incorporation procedure of the business.

What types of shops are successful in Italy?

Both foreign and local enterprisers can create shops in various industries in Italy. However, one of the most successful industries of the country is agriculture and many farmers open shops in large Italian cities where they sell organic products.

Electronics shops are also common in Italy, as this sector is quite well developed. For those interested in the fashion industry, they can choose to open small clothes shops in a city like Milan which is known as the fashion capital of Italy.

No matter the goods to be sold in a shop, one must first complete the Italian company formation process. Our local advisors can assist with this procedure.

Licensing requirements when opening a shop in Italy

When it comes to the licenses required to set up a shop in Italy, it should be noted that these depend on the types of goods to be sold. There are also certain requirements which should be taken into account when setting up a business in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, such as the storage requisites. However, in the case of e-commerce shops the requirements are less stringent.

Apart from the businesses licenses which must be obtained based on the goods to be sold in the shop, it should also be noted that choosing a right location with good access for the customers is essential. Certain permits from the local health authorities or from the city mayor’s office must also be obtained, in this case.

If you want to open a small or a larger shop in Italy, there are various aspects to consider. If you need assistance with the registration process of an Italian business, please feel free to contact us.