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Start a Small Business in Italy

Start a Small Business in Italy

Starting a small business in Italy is certainly an excellent choice both for local investors and for those who want to benefit from an optimal climate for the development of economic operations and the generation of profits. Normally, a limited liability company is the main business option in Italy, due to the simplified formalities and the advantages offered. Our company formation agents in Italy can guide you from the very beginning regarding the registration of a company.

How you can register an LLC in Italy

As we mentioned earlier, a limited liability company is the easiest form of business available in Italy, which can be registered without complications. Here is general information on how to set up such a business structure:

  • • The Articles of Association are the main documents of an LLC (or SRL in Italy). These must comprise complete details about the owners, business address, operations, general rules, and more.
  • • At least one shareholder can register an SRL in Italy. He/she can also be the director of the firm.
  • • The minimum share capital of EUR 1 must be deposited in a local bank account in Italy.
  • • A single director or a board of managers can be appointed for a limited liability company in Italy.
  • • Another important aspect refers to the tax registration in Italy that is mandatory for all types of companies.
  • • Certain licenses and permits must be obtained for specific activities.

A great advantage in registering companies in Italy is the extremely simplified and fast incorporation procedures that allow the start of operations in a relatively short time. Find out from our specialists the formalities for the smooth registration of an SRL and the best business to start in Italy.

Best business to start in Italy – Ideas for entrepreneurs

Italy offers a stable business environment and numerous opportunities for different categories of investors. Thus, they can develop various economic activities, depending on the budget and investments. Here are some business ideas that you can consider when deciding for starting a small business in Italy:

  1. real estate agency – the tourism sector is one of the strengths of Italy, so such kind of business can grow quite quickly and profits can be commensurate.
  2. A pharmaceutical company – Italy is known as a major drug manufacturer, and the idea of having a business in this field can only be profitable.
  3. travel agency –  this is also a good business idea that can generate serious profits in Italy. Tourism already generates important figures in Italy and is supported by various incentives offered by the government.
  4. A recruitment company – if you want to focus on this field and collaborate with large companies already established in Italy, then this business idea can be extremely advantageous.
  5. catering company – Gastronomy is very appreciated by foreigners in Italy, so a business in this field is profitable.
  6. A perfumery – This is another great small business idea that can grow quite quickly in a relatively short time.
  7. Consulting services – If the field of business is your strong point, then you can think about offering consulting services to other business people at the beginning of the road.

These are just a few business ideas to consider for developing operations in Italy. More about the best business to start in Italy can be discussed with our company formation representatives in Italy.

Making investments in Italy

Italy is on the list of the most popular business areas in the world and one of the top destinations that already hosts thousands of businesses established with foreign capital. Investors from abroad are welcome in Italy, and they can benefit from multiple business advantages. The Italian government proposed and implemented quite a few incentives to attract a large percentage of foreign investments. Besides the advantageous taxation system, the labor force, the IT and telecommunications sector, the possibility of accessing different liberalized markets, and the well-developed infrastructure represent other essential advantages for international businessmen. Here are some figures and statistics about the business direction and the economy of Italy:

  1. Italy registered nearly USD 445 billion in terms of total FDIs in 2019.
  2. Nearly USD 7 billion represented the total value of the greenfield investments in Italy in the same year.
  3. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Italy 58th in matters of simplified business procedures.

Are you interested in the services of a team of accountants in Italy? Do not hesitate to contact us and benefit from the free case evaluation first. Payroll, bookkeeping, audits, and annual financial statements are some of the aspects related to accounting and its implementation in a company. Dedicated plans can be offered to high-net-worth individuals who want to make investments in this country. Therefore, contact us online or by phone for more details on the services we can offer.

Interested in more details about starting a small business in Italy? You can contact our company formation specialists in Italy and discover the benefits of our services.