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Italy – Austria Double Tax Treaty

Italy – Austria Double Tax Treaty

In Italy, the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation is matter to a process of authorisation by the Parliament after which the treaty can be applied entirely.

The conventions for the avoidance of double taxation are international agreements by which the contracting countries control and legalise the taxation privileges of the republics, in order to exclude double taxation on income.

The conventions are also planned to avoid tax evasion and failure to pay taxes and they contain some of requirements regarding managerial cooperation.

Austrian investors who want to open a business on the Italian market can profit from the provisions detailed in the treaty for the avoidance of double taxation signed between Italy and Austria.

The treaty was signed in June 1981 and entered into force starting with 6th April 1985.

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Tax covered by Italy – Austria DTA

The convention signed by the two contracting states covers capital taxes available for natural persons and legal entities, which are tax-residents of Italy or Austria

Double Tax Treaties in Italy will generally apply to the following categories of taxes:

• the personal income tax;

• the corporate income tax;

• business profits;

• director’s fees, pensions, artist’s and athlete’s compensation, etc;

• the regional taxes, income from immovable property;

• independent and dependent personal services;

• interest, royalties, dividends or capital gains.

The guidelines established by the tax treaty between Italy and Austria can offer, upon demand by the tax payer, the right to be refunded by the source country of any paid tax, in case it exceeds the amount accepted by the agreement.

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Taxation of the business profits

It is important to know that, when opening a corporation in Italy, the local agencies will impose the profit taxes only for the earnings obtained through the place of business formed on the Italian land, if that institution is a permanent one. 

As a mutual rule, the profits of an Austrian trade working in a foreign republic will be taxed only in Austria.

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